Sunday, April 01, 2018


Happy Easter!

Husband and I went to the 8:45 AM mass here at Saints Peter and Paul parish in North Beach. Our first Sunday mass since we have sold our business and moved on to our “retirement” years. It was a good feeling to just be walking through the Washington Square and across is at the church for our holy day of obigation. We bid goodbye to our French parish and gave up our throne as hospitality leader. We will still be hearing masses every now and then. And visit the old pals we made there.

At Saints Peter and Paul, the church was packed being Easter Sunday today. There were like 400 people in attendance, half of that would have been guests, visiting San Francisco as a tourist destination. We were seated at the very front seat. The mass was fine. The music was nothing memorable. The singers were tired and sedate; and probbaly needed some energy drink especially when the song was supposedly festive and happy. Well, they all looked like they lost some money at the lottery. After mass, we went straight to Walgreens to get some detergents for the bathroom then had lunch at the Vietnamese Restaurant on Stockton. We were there for a good two-hours at least, tinkering on our iPads while waiting for the food to come. The food was reasonably priced, cooked like a cross between Chinese and Thai. Nothing great.  The sauce had a lot of fish sauce smell in it that made it a bit stinky as you eat the pork and chicken. Otherwise, fairly good. No complaints.

We went home and rested at around 1 PM. Slept and woke up at around 4 PM. Then, I started to shop for airtickets to Manila for 11/2018. We have not been home for almost like eight years. We are flying this time using a business class tickets for each of us. Why? More leg space, better food and seating and all the perks akin to it is endless.  Now that we are really much older, comfort is a must that we will pay for in terms of long haul travel. The price is sky high I know but sometimes, you have to choose your own heaven and for us, this is it.

Next Saturday, April 7th is our first cruise on the advent of our retirement! We have done several cruises before but this is the first on our retirement holiday. LOL! Next month of May, we fly to Jamaica for an all-inclusive vacation via

For  June, we are off to Vegas. July to August to Europe: Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Austria, Germany and the Netherlands. We will stay in the UK and fly there a few days prior to our Viking river cruise, and we will extend our stay to Romania (Bucharest) when our cruise ends. November, we will fly to the Philippines. Then return here in early February 2019. To that I say, “Here we go world!”

Monday, March 26, 2018

Caught The Bug

Now that is not good! Wednesday noon last week, I was sick after I had a turkey sandwich at Subway in North Point. I didn't eat the bread just the insides of the meat and veggies. Minutes later, I had to go to my gym to use the loo. Coming home, it was a concerto of coming in and out the toilet to relieve myself due to diarrhea. By night time, it got worse and I vomited thrice, worst experience I had ever as far as I can remember! Felt like my whole stomach was churning upside down. So, it was like that for days and days. I missed the Palm Sunday mass yesterday.

I went to bed. Stayed in bed. Rolled in bed. Slept, woke up and dreamed. Slept again. In that cycle with a chill. My temp was low, too. I had fatigue. When I was getting ready to go to Costco thinking I was out of the woods, I had to back off. I felt so weak. I had to drop dead in bed. I was sick again!

I just started to feel a little better this morning.

But at 5 AM today, husband woke me up and asked for a bowl to catch his version of my stomach flu. OMG! Now, it's his turn. Thrice as well! I hope he gets well soon. So, here we are, getting sick one after the other. Not a great feeling especially since our family from Portland, Oregon was due to arrive this Wednesday. Had to give them a heads up. Then we were told that out grandnephew has the same thing. Duder has been puking while they are on the road. Poor kid!

"Health is wealth." Nothing can beat that. So to you my dear readers, better be careful. Flu is all over the place, stomach flu and food poisoning.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Fire In North Beach

We came home about 1.5 hours ago, from our date night and inside our Lyft car, we saw the presence of a lot of fire trucks as we were pulling along Filbert St. Police officers, and people are scattered all over Washington Square. Union and on Columbus Avenue. The radius of Union, Powell and Columbus Avenue have be cordoned already as we were circling to reach our residence,

Passé Composé of Etre Verbs

This is for my French reference on remembering the verbs dealing with coming and going in terms of movement.

This song is sung to the tune of “Ten a Little Indians.” It made it so easy for me to remember the verb conjugation by singing this!

Truly, music is a good compliment to learning a foreign language. I have been studying French since spring 2015. Back when our business was closed for seven months in 2015.

I use different audio files and iPhone/ iPad apps to supplement my lessons. I also have a drill book that I use for the grammar lesson. So far, I am doing well. I passed the online written exam at Alliance France in San Francisco!

Passé Composé of Être Verbs

Baking Photos at Pizzicatto56 at Instagram

Some people have expressed their interest to check on my baking products. Baking and cooking are my passion. Yes, indeed. However, I don't sell or cater to anyone but myself.

Baking is a hobby that I get to enjoy since I got married 14 years ago. Prior to that, I didn't bake at all as my world revolved around teaching and traveling.

The last time I baked was when I was a college student majoring in piano, getting ready for my piano examination. It was a therapy then, an inspiration now.

During those times- I used to bake macaroons, lemon cakes and banana bread with my sister. We both loved to experiment in my mother's kitchen (we were all living at home then). My father loved to join us, too!

Married life has  inspired me to learn more about arts and crafts, baking and cooking. I paint and taught art and drama apart from music in my previous life. But baking is really something that is very satisfying for me. More so because I am a sweet tooth and my husband as well. So, baking comes handy in our home environment as we get to enjoy my labor of love! I share some of the goodies to my neighbors here in North Beach, especially those with little kids. They love sweets! I make them hyper, I make them happy. LOL! I bake weekly for my church as part of the "hospitality ministry" that husband and I are actively involved with at our French parish,  Notre Dame des Victoires

You can check more on my baking items at Instagram at:

Yesterday with the Viking Vendors and High Volume Customers of PHA

Jimmy (L), Husband © & Cyrus ®
Husband accompanied the new owners of PHA to all the Viking dealers in SFO and endorsed them as well to our high volume customers in the city. It was a busy day for him and them.

He came home tired and exhausted but rejoiced to the fact that by 6 PM on Thursday, 03/15/2018, it was  his very  last day of work, wearing his Viking uniform. He is done. It’s over. He is retired at age 64.11 and going 65 next month. It’s an early retirement though. But we are both all for it so, good grief!

The next day, Friday- March 16, 2018  was his official “first day of retirement.”

Also on the same day at around 11 AM, husband and I were at the ATT office on Market Street and applied for two new phone numbers to replace our old ones (209-765-1937; 415-694-8427).  The office number (415-398-2959) remains as the office number of PHA. And my 8427 number previously will stay with them since some Viking customers prefer to sms for a service call.

What’s new?

We start our first cruise on April 7th. We cruise annually but it will be our first since we sold the business so it’s a celebration!. Aur revoir to Premium Home Appliance (PHA)
 and bienvenue pour nos vacances!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Business is Done!

Yes. We sold it. All done as of 03/12/2018. Parts inventory, van, website, tools, etc. Yes!

The first ten days of March 2018 were exhilarating, stressful and exciting pour moi et mon mari. Mais, en finalement, c'est bon.
Late 02/2018
The websiteI created in early 2016; updated in late 02/2018

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Apple Pie Fresh from my Oven

The crust is very flaky and has that smokey aroma from the smoked bacon dip I used.
For the crust, I used the bacon dip. I fry bacon daily. Imagine the amount of oil I get from it.

Pork Chops

LBB was away for a week in Yuma, Arizona and just arrived this noon. To surprise him, I made an apple pie at around 10:30 AM today. And made pork chops, too! He is the only American I know who says that his favorite Pinoy food is "pork chops." LOL!

Pork Chops


I had an oral surgery  last Tuesday, March 6th relative to my dental implant. I worked on my crochet projects while healing. Needle work is therapeutic for me. I finished the 35" X 35" Afghan spring wrap for my niece Katrina's baby. I also made an adult beanie for Bruce, a senior gentleman in my church. He needed one. Likewise, I created two beanies for the two toddlers of Kate. I felt good afterwards. Creating something for others do make me feel good. Art can't be kept hidden. It has to be shared. At least that is my motto. I can't keep all those I made and make. Otherwise, they won't fit in my studio in North Beach.

Last night as I was in the midst of my crafts making, I noticed as well that my right cheek was swollen. I thought at first that I was just overweight because I am really, right now. Yes! Seriously!

Luckily, this morning when I checked again myself in front of the mirror, the swelling has subsided. Thank God! And I feel a lot better. No more throbbing pain. I just hope that I heal well. I have a full year,  booked for air and sea travel, all international flights with Little Boy (as husband and I start our retirement sojourn on April 7th this year). Actually, it is just his "early retirement" as I am not in that age category yet. LOL!

Anyhow, this tooth has costed me an arm and a leg at this point in time. Really, the San Francisco price for everything being a prime city is sooo way astronomical.

I had to see first my dentist when I started to have pain on this tooth in question. Then, I was advised to see  a specialist regarding my aggravating dental issue. So there, I came to see one. This periodontist had to pull this tooth I had. And then for the surgery, I had to see her again this week. Each procedure was  billed independently from the other. Once my gum heals, I need to go back to my regular dentist so she can measure up my implant for the creation of a new crown. Boy, that is another expense! Actually, the cost for three procedures is two business class round trip tickets to Bangkok from San Francisco.

I almost backed off.But then, I am a woman and vain. And husband insisted, "Do it! Your smile is important to me. And you are beautiful. With. Your complete set. Set of Teeth." 😅😃🙂, let him pay the bills!

Right now, I felt that I have already contributed to the educational fund of my periodontist at Harvard. And it hurt$$$$$$$ in the pocket!

Spring Afghan Wrap for Kate's Baby

I removed the outer purple front double crochet stitches. I cut them off. I wasted one roll of yarn!
Kate texted me today, 03/15/2018 this photo of Kayla's blanket. Mom Kate and family are happy. 😇

Worked on this for 3 nights starting 03/7/2018 to 03/09/2018 while recuperating from oral surgery*

 Sierra wearing the roaring 20s beanie I made for her mom.

Friday, March 02, 2018

Last Day- 03/02/2018 @ 4 PM

It's a wrap! Work day ends for me today forever starting at 4 PM!


Friday, February 16, 2018

Vintage Car Passing By, Only in San Francisco!

I was coming home from Chinatown this afternoon and was walking along the end of Jasper near Green St. in North Beach- when I chanced upon the sound of an antique car approaching into my direction. I can see it clearly from my vantage point. Just as it was pacing to cross Union and Jasper,  I was able to capture  it in full site through my iPhone. The car came by so quickly. In a minute, it was gone!

The driver was in his 40s and the passenger, an elderly man, in his 70s, obviously was having a ball! Now where in the world would you see something like this? Only in San Francisco!

NDV Hospitalty Potluck Night with Fr. Juan and Fr. Dennis

Homemade Moist, very moist- Chocolate Cake
Seafood Paella (with lemon zest and rosemary for aroma and flavor)
We had the hospitality potluck last night. Poor attendance. Half of the team didn’t make it due to the long weekend with Monday being Presidents’ Day. Everyone seemed to have gone out of the city for a much needed breather elsewhere. We stayed on and so with the rest of us who made it to the meeting con potluck. Yesterday was also Chinese New Year so there was traffic everywhere.

For dinner, I brought paella and chocolate cake. Others brought lasagna, pesto pasta, garlic bread, fruit salad, wine and lots of green salad. 

As usual, we started the gathering with a short prayer with Fr. Juan leading it. Our new parish pastor. Fr. Dennis was with us, too. The meeting was held after dinner. By 7:30 PM the church hall was dark and empty and we were all gone by then.

Here are our photos at last night’s potluck. Fr. Juan was not in the photo because this was taken after he was gone. We just thought about it while doing the dishes and by impromptu, Matty brought out her iPhone and took our photo. So this is it!