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...chronicles PIZZICATTO's adventures in SAN FRANCISCO's bohemian NORTH BEACH neighborhood~ perfumed by flowers, food, wine, bread and freshly brewed coffee.

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Sunday, February 21, 2016

I Don't Know How Long Ago When I Wrote An Entry Here

I saw I had my earliest entry here as 2006. I am thinking of shifting to making a food blog.But I feel nostalgic with all I had written in the past. We'll see! I have deleted most of my personal photos, hoping to be anonymous. But time has changed.

Friday, January 08, 2016


Have you ever thought that you knew your friends or family until something snapped and then you realized, you're totally at a loss on what to say and on how to react?

This happened to me about a month ago.

This person was in dire need of a listener. She had marital woos and what not. Came to me to unload and I listened. And then one day she said that she needed a medical procedure. Fine. Can I pray for her? She inquired. I said, no problem. Added. Asked my friends, too? Ok. So, I did just that. And to express my sincerity of intentions as soon as I have I received their response, I forwarded to her the emails of these people.

In her request, she didn't want to be public about it. Her illness. Out of respect, I made sure none of that in the email request. Just a generic, "could you please pray for so and so for an emerging surgery?"  So, I just wrote just that plus her name regarding the prayer request. Once she received the emails, a few days later after her procedure, she came back to me with text messages and emails cursing me to death for doing so. "I am a very private person and you just ruined my privacy! Why did you tell all your friends about my surgery? I am a very private person."

I was catatonic. I couldn't believe I was reading her response. "Am I imagining this or what? I asked myself."

Then, it dawned on me the stories she used to share in the past. That so and so had offended her. That they are rallying against her. I also recalled the instance when I sent her packages and she kindly offered to receive them on behalf of the concerned individuals. Later, she was so furious of me that I sent her those. She also had her gifts and she said she didn't want them or needed them. And that, it was so difficult and stressful for her to deal with them because they all are her enemies!

Now, I wonder who went nuts. Them or she?

Last night, she emailed, a long one, and apologized. Rationalized for her action.

Another individual advised that I just keep quiet. And if I am compelled to reply via text or email, to just make it short, and a one liner. I was almost tempted to tell her to fuck off and go to hell for all I care. But then there is a part of me that tears that apart. She was a good person. But now, I am seeing another one in the optimum.

I have lost my desire to continue a relationship with her even if we had been like best friends since we became adults.

Friday, March 08, 2013

Changing Signs of Modernity

I used to blog early on, in 2004 then my life changed, I became busy. I moved house then things were not the same anymore. It used to be that people blog about their life, hobbies, discoveries, loves, family, etc. Then, facebook emerged, et voila. It put a demise to blogging; it became just a part of yesterday's history; whereas, facebook is "the now" and "the new in thing." Monumental, inter-disciplinary; iconic; seductive; enticing; demonic; panoramic; addicting; insulting; orgasmic and so forth. Facebook has married financial success and high stake in the stock market. How can this be happening? I wish my dad were still here as he would have loved it. Facetime. VDO skype. Texting. High definition. Imagery. I was hooked on facebook like anyone else in this planet. I did it to see what was up and about with my friends and family. They are from the other side of the continent and it helps me to keep afloat. I enjoyed it immensely. I get to see what they were doing and vice-versa. Random uploads of photos came by on both ends. I was addicted to it; excited about their feedback and thrilled to know what was happening next. It felt that I was in sync with those I knew existed. Yet, something was utterly wrong.Shit, it dawned on me that it is all about ego-tripping. We were all circling it. The ego. The self. "Look at me! I changed my profile! Look at my new shoes! I am here, traveling! I lost weight! I am on zumba! This is my new bf! I won this award! I went to Harvard!. Rahrahrah!" It is a case of the glorified bitch. Then, there was no privacy anymore. Type a name you know and you’d see that person’s photo at google! Scary, right? Creatures you despise, write their names at google. Lo and behold, their photos would manifest at google. Crazy! Some of them, for lack of good judgement,do not even know that their beloved photos are all over the net! Others think that it is cute and empowering, that they are somehow popular to be on the net. Morons! But do they really know its impact and implications on their personal life? On how festive these hackers are? Apart from a strangers' names that they can play up tricks on, there are even photos accompanied to add up to their identity disclosure! Let's talk about whereabouts. What with the gps on most apps these days, you can write in a person's address and get a photograph of that person's house,thanks to google maps! You are even taught how to get there,get a calculation of an ETA thru google maps! You'd be guided through! Just think about this: If someone is planning an assassination on somebody else, all that person needs to do is get thru the self help guide via facebook and google maps and all would be done without even batting an eyelash! It is because of all these absurdity that I started deleting my personal photos herewith and opted to just leave those articles I write adding my own photos. I am relieved that I have done so and it feels better knowing that I still have my privacy intact. Hey, thanks for passing by! -Pizzicatto in San Francisco city of California

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Just In Time

Rachel and I met one summer in Manila. It was March. The year, 1986. The place, Bloomfield. The establishment, education. The reason, job. The job, teaching. The discovery, work. The end thing, friendship. Look at us now, 26 years later and yes, we are still connected and kicking asses. How did it happen? I think that time and place just made it to work or should I say, destiny led us to think that way? She called in at around 9 or 10 AM last Monday, December 17th and said she was running ahead of time. Asked if she could come by earlier than planned? It was set for 4 PM as I needed to finish my office work first which was at home and with XMAS being our pick season, hubby and I max to working hard during this period. But despite of pre-planning, things just happen quite unexpectedly and changes are made. So Rachel asked if she could come at around between1-1:30ish PM?Her hubby, she said, had to drive his folks at the casino, 1 1/2 hours away from their hostel in South SFO. And this changes our agreed time frame. I said, "Ok, no problem. Come by but if business calls come in, I will pick them up, ok?" She said fine. So we were good. How was that for me? I manage a home office and whenever I have or hubby or, both of us have guests coming by, it takes off the rhythm of our rather predictable routine. Visits that are unexpected and friends who are flying over from out of state or out of the USA are welcome, so long as we can sync our schedules. When the day came by, Rachel's visit was more than what I had hoped for. Rachel called right in at around 1:45 PM. Then. I asked about her location. "Where are you?" "I am downstairs here." She answered. Then she had an outburst of laughter. Rachel, the funny gal. "Oh dear, I better buzz you in then so you could come up fast and easy!" I remarked in stunning staccato. Then, the buzzer went off; the door lock opened, she came by, went upstairs and right at that moment-
we were both screaming like insane kids again and laughing like two idiots loaded with vodka and weeds, hugging, and then finally-a asking each other on how life had been for us, these past two decades or so of our lives, initially divided by continents in the past- and now, connected by our past.
Mid 12/2012 San Francisco

Wednesday, August 01, 2012


I stopped blogging when Facebook hit me and began taking over my life. Haha, well- not really, but for a while it kinda did. Shameful to say this but in truth, I was not the lone human being on this planet earth who has been hooked unto it. Right? In this age of technology where everyone has access to a pc or Mac, it is not a big deal anymore to find that your six-year old neighbor has a Facebook account. Dang! How the world has changed from 9 to 5! GEE, I LOST MY SENSE OF REALITY! It was all for a show. If you think about it. Why divulge what is in you? At Facebook, we loose our sense of privacy. We tell the world everything: where we are and what we are; who are we with and why we are somewhere or elsewhere, or even nowhere. Geez. Hackers are in festive mood getting all the facts to hack you and to compliment, they even got the photos of their target! I have to admit that Facebooking has its good points but in general, it has made people to be shallower than ever and even vain. Understand that I am not perfect for I kinda spiraled in this direction as well. Then, it hit me that I really have to do something about it; to make my brain work again like a choo-choo train; or, I'd likely be a candidate for Alzheimer's Disease in a year or two! Seriously, uploading photographs online does not make you an Einstein. Oh please, remember that! Use your cognitive domain to energize your brain cells so you don't lose track of reality. As for me, I almost lost my spin on writing. But I am getting back on it because for me, writing is still my nuclear reactor to creativity. See you soon!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Red Velvet Cake- Baked From Scratch!

I baked this 2 days after Thanksgiving 2010 in Portland, Oregon. Visited and stayed with my in-laws. This was my gift to husband's brother's 40th wedding anniversary! They love it!

My Little Garden in San Francisco- Summer 2010 File Photos

Friday, January 07, 2011

Look At my Veranda-Then- 2006